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Various issues with CA Antivirus and their resolution via CA Antivirus Technical Support team

CA Antivirus is one of the most popular anti-virus software that has the capacity to flush the viruses out from your computer. Viruses can steal your valuable data and if not handled on time they can create havoc in your PC. Therefore, you should install good anti-virus software to tackle the viruses. If you are facing troubles while working on PC or If you have encountered suspicious activities on your computer, then it is recommended that you dial the CA Antivirus Customer Support Service Phone Number USA and let the experts handle the situation before it becomes worse.

Are you tired of calling the local technician over and over again to fix the virus problem in your computer? Do you have CA Antivirus installed in your PC but it doesn’t seem to work properly? If your answer is YES then it’s high time you contact the professionals otherwise known as CA Anti-virus technical support helpdesk executives who can fix your problem for once and all and that too in no time. Sounds unbelievable right? But no, we’re not kidding especially when it comes to the computer security. Want to know more? Then keep of reading this post.

CA Antivirus Technical Support Number

CA Antivirus has its own flaws just like any other anti-virus software ever made on this earth. One moment it might be working great by kicking the virus out of your computer system and the next moment it might stop responding for all we know. There are many reasons why the CA Anti-virus won’t perform its duty of killing the viruses. In this post, we’ll talk about some generic problems and their resolutions that users often face with the CA Anti-virus. So let’s begin-

Various issues with CA Antivirus and their resolution

Let’s identify the commonly persisting issues that the users often face with the CA Antivirus-

  • Computer stopped responding after running CA antivirus.
  • CA antivirus not performing the virus scan.
  • Error in installing the CA Antivirus
  • CA Antivirus downloading error
  • CA Antivirus not working on Windows XP/7/8/10
  • CA antivirus showing virus but not deleting them.

Issue 1: If you are running the CA antivirus in your PC and suddenly the PC hangs or stops responding then there might be an issue with the driver or there might be dust in your computer. Make sure that you clean the dust before running the scan. If the problem persists, then do not attempt to play with the drivers and give a call on the CA Antivirus Customer Care Support Phone Number.

Issue 2: If the CA antivirus is not scanning the computer then there might be a critical virus (Rogue Trojan Horse) in your system that is preventing the antivirus from running the scan. In such case, you should kill the process immediately by downloading the rouge virus killing software or you may dial the CA Antivirus technical helpline number for further assistance.

Issue 3: If you’re facing installation error then you might be using an incompatible version of the CA antivirus. Make sure to check the system requirements while purchasing or downloading the antivirus. For further help with the installation, you can also take the help of customer support service. –

Issue 4: If your encounter the downloading error then there might be a problem with your internet connection. Make sure the connection is steady while downloading the setup.

Issue 5: If the CA Antivirus is not working in any of the windows version be it XP/7/8/10 then you should check the system requirement and disk space needed for the software.

Issue 6: If the antivirus is running properly and detecting the viruses in your PC but not deleting then you need to start your PC in safe mode and try running the scan and check if the antivirus removes the virus found during scanning or not. If the problem still persists, then contact the CA antivirus support for further guidance.

What can CA Antivirus Customer Service do for you?

In case the solution provided above doesn’t fix your problems then you must not waste your time and contact the experts who are well trained in solving different issues related to the CA antivirus or viruses in general. Here’s how calling on the CA antivirus technical support number USA will yield positive results-

  • The professionals are specially trained in dealing with virus and anti-virus related issues and take the minimal amount of time in solving it.
  • You get 24×7 service availability.
  • Unlike the local technicians who demand hefty sum for fixing the issue, the customer care relies on building the trust by charging a fair sum from the customers.
  • You can also avail the service of Remote desktop support.
  • The customer friendly policies will drive you to seek assistance from the technical professional