How to fix CCleaner not installing in Windows 10 issue

It’s high time to take a look at the possible solutions for the Cleaner Pro installation issue in Windows 10. You can try out these steps if while attempting to install the CCleaner in Windows 10 you get “incompatibility issue”. Here are the measures needed to be taken to resolve the problem-

How to fix “CCleaner not installing in Windows 10” issue

  1. Make sure to uninstall the previous version of CCleaner app from your PC (if installed already) and then try installing the latest version of the app.
  2. If you think that the antivirus is preventing the installation then you need to disable some of the features in the antivirus. In the worst case scenario, to make the app work you need to uninstall the antivirus altogether. You might download a new antivirus once the CCleaner is installed in your PC.
  3. Acquire the permissions to operate the installer file by right clicking the file>properties>security>selecting the name from the user names>edit>put the check on the full control option>click on apply to save the changes. Now try installing the CCleaner app in Windows 10.
  4. Check if the file exists in the location selected in the file properties or not. If not, then change the location to the one where the file actually is.
  5. You can additionally try to change the name of the installation file to fix the error.
  6. Try to run the installation as an administrator and then check if the installation begins or not.

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