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CCleaner Customer Service solved Unable to install CCleaner, CCleaner Installer doesn’t work in Windows 10, CCleaner Pro Stopped Working

There is no denying the fact the every one of us loves to have a fast and smooth PC but there are only a few users who know how to maintain a computer to its peak performance every after years of usage. CCleaner can be a handy tool which can help you optimize your PC’s performance by removing unwanted files, unwanted windows registration and temporary files. Although the functionality of the software quite simple and user-friendly but at times users have to deal with several Cleaner problems and issues like CCleaner installation error, CCleaner has stopped scanning, CCleaner has stopped opening etc.

The simplest and most secure way to get all the CCleaner issues resolved is to contact CCleaner Pro customer service by dialing the Live CCleaner Support phone number.

Issues that can be resolved by contacting CCleaner Customer Service

The CCleaner Technical support team tackles a large number of issues every day. Here are some of the problems and issues which are most prevalent among CCleaner users.

  • CCleaner Installation Error
  • CCleaner stopped working, updating etc.
  • The Issues arising after running CCleaner
  • Issues related to the CCleaner Scanning.

If you are having troubles due to these issues or any other problem related to CCleaner then we recommend you to contact the CCleaner Customer Support department and get the issues resolved by the experts.

Common CCleaner Problems and Issues along with their solutions

The solutions to some of the common CCleaner problems are as follows:

Unable to install CCleaner

If you are facing any CCleaner Installation error then you should read and follow the instructions given below very carefully.

  • Make sure that the setup file is not renamed. If it is so, you should rename it back to its original name.
  • The extension of setup file should end with (.exe)
  • You should download the setup file in your PC’s download folder and then run the installation process from there. Restrict yourself from running setup file from the browser.
  • Disable other programs that may be hindering the installation process such as antivirus etc.
  • Try to install CCleaner again after rebooting the system.
  • You may also try installing CCleaner in safe mode.
  • Try to install a fresh copy of CCleaner by uninstalling the CCleaner, rebooting your system and installing it again.
  • You may also try downloading the portable version of CCleaner in a Zip file and the install the CCleaner after unzipping it.
  • Make sure that your PC is not infected by any virus or malware. Run a deep scan by using a good anti-virus to remove any possible malware or virus.
  • If the issue persists even after following all the given instructions then you should contact the specialists by dialing CCleaner Technical support phone number.

CCleaner Installer doesn’t work in Windows 10

The method to fix CCleaner Installation problem for Windows 10 user is same as we have mentioned earlier in this article. The most important thing that a windows 10 user has to remember is not to rename the installer file.

For Example: If the name of Installer file is “ccsetup528.exe” then you should leave it as it is. Don’t try and rename it to something else.

CCleaner Stopped Working

There is no particular fix for this error as the error can be caused by a large number of possible issues. Here are some general tips you may follow in order to get rid of the problem.

  • First of all, make sure that all the windows updates are installed on your PC.
  • Ensure that you have updated drivers for CCleaner installed on your PC. You can download the latest driver from the manufacturer’s website.
  • Scan your PC for any virus or malware software that may be causing the problem.
  • If the error persists you reinstall the CCleaner.
  • In case the problem continues you may consider manual windows registry repair. Please note that modifying windows registry incorrectly may cause permanent damage to the windows. If you don’t know how to perform manual repair of windows registry then you should seek help from a professional through CCleaner Customer care phone number.

CCleaner Customer service is there to help you

We hope that this tutorial helps you to get rid of your CCleaner Problem. At the same time, we also acknowledge the fact that every individual user can have a completely unique CCleaner Problem. So, in case you can’t find the solution to your CCleaner issue through this article then you can get it by contacting CCleaner Technical Support. CCleaner Pro Support team is available Illinois, CCleaner Help Center, Pennsylvania, USA, CCleaner pro support in New Hampshire, Canada, Colorado, California, Maine, Utah, Contact CCleaner Pro Customer service Nevada, Florida, Taxes, Ohio, Georgia , Hawaii, North Dakota and New Jersey Here are some of the reasons why you should contact the CCleaner Customer service in case of an error or issue.

  • Certified Live CCleaner Pro customer support specialists with a lot of experience in resolving CCleaner Pro issues.
  • Remote Desktop support is also available if required.
  • The helpline number remains active for 24 hours. So, you can avail the best technical support whenever you want.
  • Instant support without any waiting time.
  • Transparent pricing policy with no scope for hidden charges.