How to Fix CCleaner has stopped working issue in windows

Being a powerful system optimization app, CCleaner provides the users the seamless experience of working on a computer. It not only is responsible for cleaning out the junk from your PC but also helps in increasing the performance of the computer. It can free the space on the hard disk, remove the temporary files, cookies, broken shortcuts, registries etc. But like every app in the world, it also suffers from glitches every now and then. These glitches if not handled on time, can escalate to a greater problem, How to Fix CCleaner has stopped working issue in windows.

One of the most common oddity that the users complaint is that while working on PC the CCleaner suddenly stops working. Fret not! There is certainly nothing to be afraid of as in this post, we’ll explain how you can get rid of the “CCleaner not working” issue. So without wasting more time, let’s just take a deep dive into resolving this issue.

What to do when CCleaner is not working in windows

It doesn’t matter which version of windows operating system you’re using, this issue can arise in any windows version be it windows 7/9/10/XP. So let’s figure out the ways to solve “CCleaner not working” error or issue.

  • CCleaner stopped working after performing windows 10 update: If you’ve recently updated the windows and when you try to run CCleaner then it starts giving you “CCleaner not responding” errors then you simply need to install the app version that is compatible to the windows 10. One of the main reasons why CCleaner do not work is if you’re using incorrect version of CCleaner. So make sure that you’re downloading and installing the compatible CCleaner in your PC and only from its authentic website.
  • CCleaner not working even after reinstalling: In case the CCleaner doesn’t work even after you have uninstalled it then you need to download the fresh setup file again and while doing so make sure that the antivirus program in your PC is not interfering in the working of CCleaner. If so, then you need to disable some setting in the antivirus. To disable the concerned setting, go to the “setting” tab in the antivirus and make the necessary changes.
  • CCleaner crashes when you click on the “run” button: In case, the CCleaner crashes when you click on the “run” tab then there might be some windows related issue. You can uninstall and then reinstall the setup to check if the issue persists or you can update the required windows drives and see if the solution works or not. If it is still not resolved then feel free to take the help from the CCleaner Pro customer support.

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