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How To Fix The Gmail Has Stopped Working Issue When Encountered? & Gmail Not Working issue



Gmail stopped working

To improve the security and overall experience of its Gmail users, Google keeps on adding the new and exciting features to Gmail. This is the reason why Gmail prevail its dominance to be the most popular email service on the planet from so many years. The new features are designed to improve the user experience of Gmail. However, they are often responsible for various errors and issues as well. Although Gmail is bringing new updates to fix these issues still there are some errors that can cause a huge inconvenience for the users.

As the customer base of Gmail is quite big, the issues and errors are very diverse in nature. The Gmail stopped working is the generalized term used for any error or problem that stops Gmail to work properly.  This tutorial is for those Gmail users who are facing troubles to fix different malfunctions and errors in using Gmail. Here, we will discuss why Gmail stopped working for you and the technique to fix this issue.

What are the common issues and errors in Gmail?

As we stated earlier, the Gmail is used by a very large number of people all around the globe. Every individual can have its unique issues with Gmail. That’s why it is not feasible to list all the possible Gmail problems. Still, there are many generic problems in Gmail that are faced by the users frequently. Some of these generic problems are as follows:

  1. Problems with Loading Gmail: Gmail not loading, Gmail loading very slowly, Gmail taking a lot of time to load email, Gmail not opening, Gmail not opening on mobile, unable to load Gmail on I-Phone, Gmail hanging constantly, Frequent Gmail crash, Gmail stuck in loading etc.
  2. Problems with Emails: Unable to send Email on Gmail, Gmail not receiving emails, Gmail not opening emails, Unable to load attachment in Gmail, Gmail not sending email, Unable to send attachment in Gmail,
  3. Sign-in problem – Unable to sign in to Gmail, Unable to login, Forget Gmail password, Gmail password not working, Unable to change Gmail password, Not able to reset Gmail password, Gmail got hacked.
  4. Miscellaneous problems – Gmail not working on Chrome, Way too many spam emails in Gmail inbox, Gmail keeps stopping by itself, Gmail account blocked by Google, Gmail not syncing with Android or iPhone, Problems with Gmail mobile application etc.

The problem with the Gmail account can be diverse but the inconvenience they can cause is immensely high. Irrespective of the issue if your Gmail account isn’t working properly then you can miss some important emails. So, you should fix the problem immediately and enjoy all the benefits of this most popular email service.

Why did Gmail stopped working for you?

As the issues in Gmail are diverse, the reasons behind them are also diverse. We can’t list one or two common reason that is applicable for all the problems in Gmail. Nevertheless, we can provide you with some generic factors that are responsible for many Gmail issues. Some of these generic factors are as follows:

Reasons behind Gmail loading problems: The factors responsible for Gmail loading issues are generally related to the browser. Some of them are as follows:

  • Using a non-compatible browser with Gmail.
  • Using an outdated browser.
  • Missing new updates of windows and browser
  • Add-ons and extensions in browser blocking Gmail to load.
  • JavaScript disabled in the browser
  • Using incompatible device etc.

Reasons for Gmail sign-in issues: The sign-in issues are generally related to the password. Some factors responsible for the Gmail login issues are given below:

  • Forgot Gmail password.
  • Gmail getting hacked by someone.
  • Wrong password stored in the password manager.
  • Gmail stopped working because Gmail account blocked by Google etc.

Other Miscellaneous reasons for different Gmail Errors

Here are the miscellaneous factors that can cause different types of problems in Gmail.

  • Incorrect IMAP/ POP configuration if using Gmail on other email clients such as MS Outlook etc.
  • The antivirus and Windows firewall settings causing software conflict with the Gmail.
  • Making a typing error while entering Gmail ID.
  • Trying to send more emails than the permissible limit.
  • Problems due to 2-step verification.
  • Trying to send an attachment larger than 25 MB (allowed limit).

Now, let’s move on to the steps by you fix different errors and problem in Gmail.

How to fix Different Gmail errors and issues?

Let’s discuss the steps you should follow in order to fix the problem why Gmail stopped working for you.

Gmail loading issues such as Gmail won’t load, loading slow etc.

  • Firstly, you must ensure that the browser you are using is fully compatible to use with Gmail.
  • Check your internet connection. Make sure it is fast and uninterrupted.
  • Clear your browser data and reload Gmail once again. The browser data includes your cookies, cache etc.
  • Disable extensions & add-ons in your browser one by one and load Gmail again. You should try to run Gmail after disabling each add-ons.
  • If the issues persist then you should disable your windows firewall settings and antivirus to check any software conflict.

Problems with sending/ receiving Emails in Gmail

Here are the steps, you should follow if your Gmail stopped working and you are unable to send or receive emails on Gmail.

  • First of all, you should know that there is a limit on the number of daily emails you can send through Gmail. Make sure you haven’t crossed the limit of daily emails in Gmail.
  • Make sure you are not doing any typing error while entering the name of your recipient.
  • The maximum size of the attachment allowed in Gmail is 25 MB. Make sure you are not trying to attach a file bigger than 25 MB.
  • Make sure your recipients haven’t blocked you
  • If the problem is with receiving the emails in Gmail then you should check your spam or trash folder. Sometimes, the new emails can land in the spam or trash folder as well.
  • Check the POP or IMAP settings if you are trying to run Gmail on other third party email clients such as MS outlook etc.

Gmail sign-in error and issues

If you are facing a login issue with Gmail then you should follow the steps given below:

  • Make sure caps lock is not on your Keyword.
  • Ensure you are not making any typing error while entering your Gmail ID
  • If you can’t remember the password then you should run Gmail password recovery.
  • In case you encounter any error message while resetting the Gmail password then you should contact Gmail support.

Gmail Has stopped working Old version

Google provides the best mailing service in the form of Gmail and it is one of the most widely used mailing services with millions of users. It provides excellent mail sending and receiving, last storage space, email synchronizing features, protection against spam, easy mobile access and much more. But, despite of its many characteristic features, sometimes, Gmail does experience certain problems at times. One of such problem faced most commonly is the Gmail Has Stopped Working issue. There can be different reasons behind this problem. In this article, we have discussed some of these reasons and have provided the best possible solution to your Gmail Has Stopped Working problem.

Why do I get the Gmail Has Stopped Working message on my system?

There is more than just one reason as to why you are receiving the error message ‘Gmail Has Stopped Working’, Gmail Not working support. Although this error does not occurs a lot, but still the Gmail users face problems whenever this issues arises. Some of the major reasons behind this error are listed below.

  • There is any kind of syncing issue with your Gmail.
  • You are using an older version of Gmail app.
  • You have restricted your background data.
  • A significant amount of Gmail cache has been build up.
  • There can be some issues with your device and not with your Gmail.

Easy steps to solve the Gmail Has Stopped Working issue

Here are given some very simple solutions to get rid of the Gmail Has Stopped Working problem.

  1. Update your Gmail app: Go to the play store, search for Gmail and then click on the update button to install the latest version of the Gmail app.
  2. Try to un-sync your Gmail account temporarily: Go to phone settings> account> Google. Select your account, then uncheck the Gmail and check it again.
  3. Remove you account and set it up again: Go to phone settings> account> Google and select your account. Click on the three dots at the upper right corner and tap on ‘remove now’ button. Now, configure your account once again on your device.
  4. Decrease the syncing days: Open the Gmail app in your phone and go to Settings. Select your account and Tap on Days of emails to sync. Set the syncing days to 30 or less.
  5. Enable background data: Go to the phone settings and click on ‘data usage’. Scroll down under the ‘app usage’ and check that ‘Gmail’ has not been restricted. Tap the Gmail icon and uncheck the ‘restrict app background data’.
  6. Clear cookies and caches: Go to the settings of your phone and click on ‘apps’. Go to Gmail> storage and click on clear data and clear cache.

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