How to Fix Internet Explorer has Stopped Working 1-833-705-0797 Internet Explorer Not Working 2020 On windows 10

Internet Explorer has stopped working & Internet Explorer Not Working 2020: If you receive Internet Explorer has stopped working error message then it implies that your Internet Explorer browser has encountered an app crash. However, the error messages can be different for all the users. Some users face Internet Explorer app crash with the error message “Internet Explorer isn’t working” while some error messages state “Internet Explorer Not working 2020 a problem caused the program to stop working correctly”. Whatever be the error message, the meaning remains the same that you need to restart your Internet Explorer browser again.

This problem can be very annoying if you are browsing something very important in your IE browser. This tutorial will provide you the complete solution to the internet explorer Not working 2020 in windows 10 and other OS problem.

Why Internet Explorer Not working 2020 in windows 10?

The reason behind the “Internet Explorer has stopped working” can be very diverse in nature. Actually, the reasons depend upon the time when you are facing this error.

  1. In case you face internet Explorer not working error while watching an online video or playing any other media files then the problem is related to the video driver or plugins such as.
    1. A corrupt or outdated video driver.
    2. Problems with Java Plugin issue.
    3. Corruption in Flash player etc.

Generally, this error appears with the error message “internet explorer Not working 2020 a problem caused the program to stop working correctly”.

  1. If you face internet explorer has stopped working issue while starting up the internet explorer browser then it means that the problem is with the browser itself. Some possible reasons are as follows:
    1. Problems due to the “Add-ons”
    2. Incorrect security settings
    3. Problems due to “Hardware Acceleration Settings”.
    4. Missing windows update.
    5. Misconfigured IP
    6. Missing or corrupted Windows Files etc.

How to Fix ‘Internet Explorer Not Working 2020 ‘ and Crashing in Windows problem?

The process to fix IE has stopped working problem depends upon the reason why you are facing such a problem.

If you are facing Internet Explorer Crash while watching a video or playing any media file then you should follow the steps given below:

  • Update your outdated video drivers. You can find the drivers as per your graphics card from manufacturer website of your graphics card.
  • Update all the java plugins in your Internet Explorer browser.
  • Make sure that the Flash Player is perfectly installed in your PC.
  • Also update the Silverlight and shockwave player.

In case the Internet Explorer stopped working while opening the IE browser.

Fixing the IE Application Crash is more complex when the browser starts to crash while opening the IE browser. You should try the following solutions or instructions to fix Internet Explorer not opening problems

  1. Scan your PC with a Good Antivirus
    1. You should run a deep scan in your PC with a high quality antivirus such as Norton, Avast, McAfee etc.
    2. Make sure that you have the latest version of antivirus you are using installed in your PC.
  2. Disable Add-ons from the Internet Explorer browser

Follow the steps given below if you don’t know how to disable add-ons from the IE browser.

  1. Open “Run” window by pressing “Windows + R” buttons together.
  2. Type “inetcpl.cpl” in the blank space and press enter. This will open the “Internet Properties” window.
  3. Open “Programs” tab and click on “Manage Add-ons”. Here, you will find all the installed add-ons in your IE browser.
  4. Now, you can click on the installed Add-ons and delete them by clicking the “Disable” button from the bottom right corner of the new window.
  1. Fix Hardware Acceleration Settings
    1. Open the “Internet Properties” window by following the methods given in the last step.
    2. Open “Advanced” tab. Here you will find the checkbox “Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering” under “Accelerated Graphics”.
    3. You should check this box if it is unchecked or uncheck it if it is already checked.
    4. Finally, click on “Ok” and try to run Internet Explorer again.
  2. Fix Internet Security Settings
    1. Open “Advanced” in the “Internet Properties” Window.
    2. Make sure that the check box against “Enable Enhanced Protected Mode” is checked.
  3. Reset Internet Explorer
    1. Similarly to the last step, you need to open the “Advanced” tab under the “Internet Properties” window.
    2. Click on “Reset” button from the “Reset Internet Explorer settings” option.
    3. Check the box against “Delete Personal Settings” and click on “Reset”.
  4. Remove Toolbar
    1. Similarly to the add-ons, toolbars can also cause the “Internet Explorer has stopped working windows 10” problem.
    2. You can remove these toolbars through the “Programs and Feature” Window in the Control Panel.
  5. Reset TCP/IP (Internet Protocol)

Resetting the TCP/IP (Internet Protocol) can also fix Internet explorer has stopped working pop up errors. Here’s how you reset TCP/IP (Internet Protocol).

  • Open Command Prompt and enter “netshint ip reset”.
  • Now you should receive a confirmation message such as “Resetting, OK!”.
  • That’s it your TCP/IP reset is complete.
  1. Fix Windows Registry
    1. You may download a good 3rd party Windows registry cleaner online to fix the Windows Registry.
    2. You should be very careful while choosing a Windows registry cleaner because damage to windows registry and can cause further problems in the operating system.

Some other Useful Tips and Tricks

In case the problem continues even after following all the above mentioned steps then you must be wondering how do I fix internet explorer has stopped working 2020? Well, in that case, you can follow the steps given below:

  1. Make sure you are using an updated Internet Explorer browser.
  2. Create a new user account in your Operating System. You can find the option to create a new user account windows under the user accounts settings.
  3. Try the system restore to update your PC to the previously working settings.
  4. Check and install all the missing windows updates.

In case the Internet Explorer has stopped working problem persists even after following the above mentioned method then you should reinstall the Windows. Visit Internet Explorer Support Number

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