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ITunes Sync Error 54: “iPhone 7 can not be synchronized. Anonymous error has occurred When using iTunes to reset or sync your iPhone, you can face many issues 14, 50, 39 and 54. When you synchronize songs / pictures or something on the iPhone touch iTunes, you may encounter this sync sync problem problem that changes you. You may still try many ways on the Internet to fix this iTunesnew changes and enhancing iPhone / iPad in the new operating system of iOS. However, “iTunes many people think that this tactical synchronization of iTunes is compatible with authorization and control issues – itunes Error Customer Service Support Number for solving all the error

itunes Error Support:

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The computer/PC does not allow unauthorized users to synchronize other data on the iPhone / iPad / iPod touch. You may be the person who does not have permission to convert or move data, and the data you want to synchronize may be a “iTunes” files are causing this problem. In this case, you need to synchronize exactly what type of data you can not synchronize. For example, you can synchronize only songs on iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 to determine whether music files make this unknown mistake.

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