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Computers have become an integral part of our lives and almost all of our work depends on it. However, there are times when due to number of reasons, you have to face distress just because your PC stops functioning properly. We are so much dependent on PCs that it’s practically impossible for us to work without them. Although it reduces our workload to a greater extent it has its fair share of drawbacks. In this post, you’ll get insights on the different computer related issues and their solutions. If you feel that the issues mentioned in the post don’t fix your problem then you can always take the help of Live PC support.

Live Computer support technical helpdesk number USA

If you’re tired of the computer related problems that keep on resurfacing again and again, then there is no point in taking the help of a local technician who would rob you by charging humongous amount in the name of providing the resolution for the ongoing computer problem. In such a case, you must contact PC Repair Expert Help Number (PC support helpline) who are equipped with the proper knowledge and tools that can fix your computer problems in no time. All you need to do is dial on the live computer support customer care phone number which can be found all over the Internet.

Various Computer Related Issues

Let’s go through some of the pesky computer issues that might be bugging you from a long time-

  • Windows got corrupted.
  • No sound on my computer
  • Error in installing drivers.
  • Getting blue screen while turning on the computer.
  • Computer running slow.
  • Virus found but not getting deleted.
  • Internet not working or is slow.
  • Computer freezes and hangs a lot.
  • Pop-up ads appearing frequently.
  • Email Setup errors.
  • Application installation errors.

Solution of the common computer problems

So far we’ve discussed the various types of problems that can exist in a computer. It’s time to look at the solution to some of these common computer problems.

Corrupted Windows: If you’ve observed that your PC suddenly turned off and now you cannot turn it on then there is a possibility that the windows in your PC got corrupted. In such case, you should install the windows again. To know how to install the windows, you may contact the Live Computer support service phone number.

Driver installation error: If the driver you’re trying to install doesn’t seem to work then you should first check if it fits the system requirements or not. Here what to do next-

  • Try to connect the driver with your PC with the help of the device manager.
  • Right click your device in the device manager and choose properties.
  • Go to the general tab and click on the update driver tab to select “browse my computer for browser software”.
  • Now select the unzipped folder containing the files you want to install.
  • Your computer will search now begin the installation process.

Blue screen appearing on turning on PC: The blue screen problem is also called BSOD (blue screen of death) which can appear when you’ve made changes in your PC intentionally or unintentionally. To get rid of this issue, you can use system restore points to undo the last changes made in your PC, update the drivers, update BIOS or perform a scan (as viruses too can cause this problem). There are many ways to fix the BSOD problem. If the solution given here doesn’t fix the issue, then its time you take the help from the live computer technical support.

Virus related issues: If there are viruses in your computer device and the anti-virus you’ve installed in your PC cannot remove them or doesn’t work anymore, then you need to download and install good and reliable antivirus software in your PC. If you’re encountering problem while installing/uninstalling an anti-virus, then you may take the help of computer support service by calling them on their phone number which is easily available on the internet.

Why contact Live Computer Support Expert?

Here are the benefits of calling the live computer support toll-free helpline number-

  • Quick resolution.
  • Trained professionals will provide easy troubleshooting solutions.
  • 24×7 customer support available across the country.
  • Remote desktop support facility available for fixing complicated PC issues.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Minimum waiting time.