Fix Malwarebytes not Responding, Opening, Updating, Scanning

Malwarebytes not responding, Opening, Updating, Scanning : Malwarebytes is one of the most powerful anti-malware software that can knock out the most stubborn malware and other potential threats from your computer. The reasons why it is most preferred software when it comes to anti-malware is the quick action and seamless experience it offers you. In case you’re PC is infected with all sort of malware and viruses, then only Malwarebytes can help you in getting rid of the threats which can harm your PC. If you’re troubled with the Malwarebytes not responding, Malwarebytes not working Support Number, not opening issue then you’ve landed on the right page.

The software works great on a normal day but there are times when you can find people complaining that Malwarebytes is not responding in their computer. There are many reasons why Malwarebytes stops working and in this post, we’ll address all the possible issues in Malwarebytes that are encountered by people all over the world.

Common problems with Malwarebytes anti-malware with Not Opening, Updating, Scanning

Let’s go through some of the common yet major issues due to which users face Malwarebytes not responding issue.

  • Malwarebytes not responding on startup
  • How to solve Malwarebytes Anti-malware not responding
  • Microsoft Word Excel Outlook Not Responding Due to Malwarebytes
  • Malwarebytes not installing
  • Malwarebytes Not Updating, Opening, Scanning
  • Malwarebytes for Windows installation fails
  • How to Install and Use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
  • Malwarebytes not scanning

While there are many more issues that you might be facing while using Malwarebytes but here we’ll discuss the solution of some of the major issue encountered by millions of users. Let’s find out the way to fix the Malwarebytes not responding issue.

Steps to How to Solved Malwarebytes not Responding

Issue 1: Malwarebytes not responding on startup

It has observed many times that Malwarebytes does not respond to startup due to some incompatibility issues. The problem might also arise due to software conflicting issues or hardware issue. The reasons are endless. But if you’re also facing this problem then you need to uninstall the Malwarebytes anti-malware and re-install it again. Use the Malwarebytes removal tool to remove the anomalies in the software. You need to turn on the delayed startup and set it to 30 seconds by clicking on the box given in the settings. Now again restart your computer. Now Malwarebytes will work on startup and you’ll be able to remove the malware present in your PC.

Issue 2: How to solve Malwarebytes Anti-malware not responding,  Not Opening, Updating, Scanning

Malwarebytes not responding message can create panic among users as they don’t know what made it freeze. If you’re also getting this message then we are assuming that you have done the whole uninstallation and installation journey to make Malwarebytes work again but failed miserably. The problem mostly occurs in 64-bit system and the reason behind Malwarebytes not responding is due to the Internet security software conflicting with the Malwarebytes. There might also be a possibility that some 3rd party software is interfering with the working of Malwarebytes or some nasty malware/virus can be preventing the Malwarebytes to run smoothly. To fix the issue you need to update the Malwarebytes and the windows drivers that have gone outdated.

Issue 3: Microsoft Word Excel Outlook Not Responding Due to Malwarebytes

If you work on MS office and encounter that the Malwarebytes installed in your laptop/PC is preventing the Microsoft word, excel and outlook to open then you are not alone. No matter you’re a premium user or a normal user, this problem is faced by all. Malwarebytes might be giving you a message that “it has blocked an exploit” and you cannot open MS office after that.

Here’s what you can do to resolve the issue- go to the advanced setting by opening the Malwarebytes and then proceed to the advanced memory protection tab. Locate the “malicious return address detection” and make sure that the “MS Office” option has been unchecked. If you cannot open MS office then it must be due to the fact that the option has been placed under the malicious address file. That’s why Malwarebytes is treating the MS office as a threat.

Issue 4: Malwarebytes not installing

In case you are facing difficulties in installing Malwarebytes anti-malware in your PC then no need to worry. The problem might be arising due to the incompatibility of the software with that of your PC. Make sure that the system requirements are met before you begin with the installation. Another reason why you cannot install Malwarebytes in your PC is that the setup might not have been downloaded correctly or have gotten corrupted or there might be a virus that is preventing the installation of Malwarebytes.

To fix this, download the setup from the reliable website and select the version as per your computer’s specifications. Run the setup in safe mode. If the problem is resolved in safe mode then be sure that it’s some virus or other threat that is causing the issue. Remove the threat using a good anti-virus and then proceed with the installation.

Issue 5: Malwarebytes for Windows installation fails

If you cannot install Malwarebytes in windows or if Malwarebytes for Windows installation has failed then you need to run the setup as the system administrator and open the command prompt in the search box. Once the command prompt is opened, you need to type certain commands and hit the enter key on the keyboard. These commands are – set TEMP=C:\Windows\temp, set TMP=C:\Windows\tmp and cd “%USERPROFILE%\Downloads”. Now replace the setup files number and hit enter key once again. Malwarebytes installation wizard will get opened up and you can begin the installation.

Issue 6: How to Install and Use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Support

Installing Malwarebytes is not that tough as it might appear to some users. Here’s what you need to follow to install the anti-malware in your PC and to use the same without any hassle. Go to the Malwarebytes website and click on the link to download the software as per your system’s specifications. Double-click the setup and click on the “run” button to let the installation wizard work its magic. The wizard will now download the necessary files needed to run the Malwarebytes in your PC. Once finished with the installation, click on the “finish” button as prompted. Then the Malwarebytes interface will get launched and you can use the buttons over there to scan your PC for malware and other threats.

Issue 7: Malwarebytes not scanning Support

If Malwarebytes cannot scan files for malware and virus then the Malwarebytes present in your PC has been compromised somehow. To resolve this issue, you need to uninstall Malwarebytes from your system and then download the latest version of the same from the website of Malwarebytes. Sometimes 3rd party apps also interfere with the working of Malwarebytes and you need to ensure in such cases that your computer is fully protected by a good anti-virus along with the Malwarebytes. Contact Malware Removal Support

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