How to Fix My Mozilla Firefox not Working & FireFox not Responding, After Update, won’t Open no Error message, Stopped Working,

How To Fix The Not Working Issue In Mozilla Firefox or Mozilla Firefox not working: Are you also having trouble while working with Firefox? Are you also troubled with the not working issue in Mozilla Firefox? Well, it is quite normal that you are facing this issue as it is one of the most common issues faced by a Mozilla Firefox user. The good news, however, is that you can very easily fix the not working issue in Mozilla Firefox all by yourself. In this article we have discussed the Mozilla Firefox not working issue in its different form such as not working after update, not working on windows 10 and how to fix them without using much technical expertise.

Common Issues That Arise While Working With Mozilla Firefox

Some of the most common problems that are faced by the users while working on the Mozilla Firefox are listed below:

  • Mozilla Firefox not working
  • Firefox not working after update
  • Firefox won’t open no error message
  • Firefox will not open windows 10
  • Firefox problem loading page
  • Firefox not loading pages
  • Firefox has stopped working
  • Firefox won’t open but process is running
  • Firefox not responding

Easy step solutions to the most common problems with the Mozilla Firefox

  1. ‘My Mozilla Firefox is not working’/ ‘Firefox has stopped working’. How can I fix this?

If your Mozilla Firefox suddenly stops working, here’s something you can try to fix this problem.

  • Check whether you are using an updated version of your Mozilla Firefox browser. If not, install the latest version.
  • Clear cookies and caches from your browser.
  • Uninstall the Mozilla Firefox form your system and then install it again.
  • Restart the Firefox in safe mode by holding the shift key and then opening the Mozilla browser.
  • Troubleshoot extensions, themes and hardware acceleration issues to solve the ‘my Mozilla Firefox is not working’ issue.
  1. Firefox not working after update

Was your Firefox was just working fine and suddenly stopped after your performed and update? Not to worry. Just follow the steps mentioned below to allow your Firefox to connect to internet again.

  • Update your Internet security software (firewalls, antivirus programs, anti-spyware programs, and more) to the latest version.
  • Remove Firefox from the list of the trusted or recognized programs and then add it back.
  1. Firefox won’t open no error message

Sometimes, while you try to open Firefox, it does not open and also shows no error message. There are some simple solutions to fix this ‘Firefox won’t open no error message’ problem:

  • Boot the browser in safe mode with networking.
  • Search the Firefox programs running in the task manger, kill them all and then try to restart the Firefox.
  • Uninstall Firefox completely from your system including its folder in your system drive and then reinstall it again.
  1. Firefox will not open windows 10

If you are facing trouble in opening Mozilla Firefox on your Windows 10, follow the steps given below to fix this:

  • If this has happened due to presence of a corrupt or invalid file in your Firefox profile, you will have to create a new secondary Firefox profile and see if the Firefox is opening through this profile.
  • To do this, download the Profile Manager for Firefox from the Mozilla FTP server.
  • This will be downloaded in the form of ZIP file.
  • Extract the ZIP file and run the executable file inside.
  • There is no need to delete the old corrupted profile as you can recover your bookmarks and some settings.
  1. Firefox problem loading page/ Firefox not loading pages

If there are issues while loading pages in Mozilla Firefox, you can do a few things to fix it some of which are mentioned below:

Restart your computer: As simple as it sounds, but sometimes just restarting your system can fix the not loading pages issue in Firefox.

Refresh Firefox: Refreshing Firefox is also a very simple solution to the ‘Mozilla Firefox not loading pages’ issue. The ‘Refresh Firefox’ button can be found at the top of the ‘Firefox about: support Troubleshooting Information’ page.

Restart Firefox in Safe Mode: Restarting Firefox in safe mode can solve many related issues including ‘Firefox not loading pages’ problem.

Check for virus or malware: Presence of a virus in your system can cause trouble in loading pages in Mozilla Firefox. Scan your system for virus and remove if found.

Create a new Firefox profile: The ways to create a new Firefox profile has already been discussed in point 4 (Firefox will not open windows 10). Follow those steps to create a new profile and fix the Firefox problem loading page error.

Clear your cookies and caches: The Mozilla Firefox problem loading page error can also be solved by clearing the cookies and caches from the browser.

Troubleshoot your plugins: Sometimes plugins used in Firefox can also cause loading problem. It can be fixed in the latest plug-in version and if not, you can disable all plugins to see which one is the cause.

Check for conflicts with third-party software: Make sure any third-party app is not creating problem loading pages. If so, disable the one causing problem for the time you are working on the Mozilla Firefox.

Reinstall Firefox: If the problem loading page in Firefox is due to presence of damaged program files, completely remove Firefox from your system and then reinstall it.

  1. Firefox won’t open but process is running

This might happen due to two different version of Mozilla Firefox installed in your system. Uninstall the older version and then try opening. If it still does not open, reinstall the latest version. You can reinstall Firefox otherwise also to fix this issue.

  1. Firefox not responding

Try these basics troubleshooting measures to fix the ‘Firefox not responding’ problem:

  • Clear download history of the browser.
  • Troubleshoot your plugins or third-party software.
  • Simply close Firefox and restart it after few minutes.
  • Update Mozilla Firefox to its latest version.
  • Make sure your Java plug-in is updated. If an updated Java plug-in is creating ‘Mozilla Firefox not responding’ issue, disable it.

If you have any problems you can contact Mozilla Firefox Technical support

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