Mozilla Thunderbird Not Working

Mozilla Thunderbird Not Working: Talking about the Mozilla Thunderbird is basically one of the most famous email clients that is available for the users in the market nowadays.This is highly admired since it is not only used by the users for the purpose of the emailing client but also for the things like RSS feed etc.

After being a service that includes various alluring features also the users find some of the issues in it. That includes some of the critical issues like the sudden crashing of the software just after the start up.The company considers the issues seriously and hence provides the Mozilla Thunderbird Technical Support to deal with the issues.

So in case the Mozilla Thunderbird is not opening in windows then you need to follow the below written steps very carefully:-

Mozilla Thunderbird Issue Solved by Mozilla Firefox Customer service

  • First of all you have to close the Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • After that you have to just right click on the taskbar and then you have to open the task manager.
  • Now it is the time to find out and up the run command.
  • Now you just need to type appdata press the enter button.
  • Now open the thunderbird profilethe parent.lock file.
  • Here it is to be noted that to do so and now you are done.
  • In case the problem is button along with the R button to bring up the run command.
  • And then you have to by pressing the enter button.


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