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Webmail Customer Service - Webmail Technical Support Number for Customer

Webmail, is a vibrant platform that helps us in our day today’s personal and professional happenings. Fastness and service reliability is the one reason why the major count of users wished in joining in this platform. Technically webmail is defined as “a web application that running on a particular web browser”. Every webmail must end with a ‘@’ labeled domain name, users can use it by configuring it through STMP, POP or IMAP server protocols. Outlook and Thunderbird desktop application are meant to configure the mail client applications.

Some dominant best webmail platforms existing now days are Gmail, Hot mail, yahoo mail, AOL mail and zoho mail. Day by day millions of peoples are using these web mail services. Among these, Gmail is the pioneered web mail having 500 million user presences. Gmail web mail is hosted by Google Inc in 2004 and now it credited as the best secured web mail ever had. The Second position is yahoo INC’s yahoo mail and then the third is Microsoft’s hotmail.

Not only this, there are numerous other web mails available now days. Beyond the tinsel integrated features, one most worrisome thing is that; these all web mails haven’t had a direct customer support. For every product there should be an end support is needed, but none of the web mails didn’t provide a technical support to its end users. The reason of this avoidance of customers is, almost all these web mail users are wished to sign-up to free account.

Such users can’t enjoy the benefits of a premium user. A dominant webmail’s spokesman recently stated that 80% of its existing users are belonging to the category of “Free”, so without a financial benefit which organization offers support to end users. But, yes the customers can visit the webmail support forum for resolving the issues. All most all the existed webmail’s now days having the web mail support forum. Some common encountering web mail issues are forgot password, message not sending, hacking, mail not opening etc. This issue listing goes, direct customer support assistance not at all practicable for all the users. Visit once on that support forum if any troubleshooting issues in the web mail account.